Volunteers Wanted for the Clarks Point of Sale Digitisation Project

  The Point of Sale (POS) collection is one of the biggest and most historically significant collections held by the Alfred Gillett Trust. Not only it is one of the largest collections of its kind in the UK, but one of the most complete. With objects ranging from 1851 to the present day, with only minor […]

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Being an Investigative Sleuth: Finding Andrew Johnson and Henry Kay Henrion

Whilst cataloguing and numbering the Point of Sale collection, I’ve come across many interesting things: symbols used as illustrators’ signatures, famous actresses and photographers collaborating with Clarks, plus angry starfish and dancing crocodiles. The angry starfish and dancing crocodiles we’ll come to another time, but the fun part of not knowing too much about graphic […]

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Syd Brak, Athena and Clarks

If you grew up in the 1980s and 90s, you undoubtedly know of ‘Athena’ and the posters they were renowned for. A recent article by The Guardian online came up with the 10 best posters from the time they were around. I was excited to see that one of the posters was by an illustrator […]

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Lions and Buffaloes and Bears

The Alfred Gillett Trust recently acquired a set of three plywood animals which had been used for displays in Peter Lord shoe shops in the 1970s. They make a lovely addition to the shop furnishings and retail display material that we collect alongside the footwear and archive collections.

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The Story of Our Style

Clarks Montage Graphic

Recently the AGT were pleased to be able to provide some of our historic Point of Sale material to help create a retail display graphic for Clarks shops. Contained in a grid of Clarks shoe boxes, more than 120 separate images were created and photographed. Props include material drawn from our archive, iconic products, footwear […]

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Point of Sale Items Photographed for Clarks Project

The Alfred Gillett Trust were able to take part in an exciting partnership with the Clarks marketing department this week to help develop new displays for Clarks shops. We provided a local photographic studio with a range of different pieces of historic point of sale, the advertising material which is sent to shops every season.

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