Index of Collections

The following list gives a rough summary of the archive material which the Trust holds for organisations, associations and institutions that have links with C & J Clark Ltd, the Clark family or to the village of Street. This list is not all inclusive and is based on the entries available in the National Register of Archives.

Please contact the Trust for further help if required.


British and Foreign Bible Society [Street branch]
Order books, depositary books and minute books, 1850-1901 (WN)
Ledgers (Glastonbury and Street Auxiliary), 1854-1894 (No.One)

Friends Relief Service (later Council)
Street account books, 1940-1969 (WN)

Glastonbury Festival
Accounts, 1921-1923; Cashbook, 1916; List of subscribers, 1919; Accounts for Immortal Hour, 1914; Fund account book, 1914-1920; Memoranda and articles of association, The Music Student Ltd, 1900-1930; Accounts, Glastonbury Festival School, 1921-1922; Accounts, Greek Festival, 1922; Correspondence re Glastonbury Festival funds, 1919-1951; Papers re broadcast of Apollo in the West and The Immortal Hour, 1954; Accounts, Glastonbury Theatre Fund, 1924-1925 (No. One)

National Union of Women’s Suffrage Society
Poster by E H New [1913] (WN)

Refugee Joint Consultative Committee
Papers, 1939 (No One)

Street Club and Institute / Working Men’s Club
Programmes, 1900s-1930s; accounts, 1866-1883 (LHB)
Papers relating to library, 1887-1929 (No One)

Street Co-Operative Society, Somerset
Papers including rule books etc, 1866-1934 (MIL)

Street Fire Brigade
Log book, 1902-1937; account book, 1927-1934 (LHB)

Street Junior Amateur Dramatic Society
Rules and correspondence, 1886-1887 (CLO)

Street Shoemakers’ Benefit Society
Rules, 1851 (LHB)

Street Urban District Council and predecessor institutions, Street, Somerset
Street Board School Board papers and accounts, 1875-1928; Street Board of Health accounts, 1853-1966 and minutes, 1853-1983; Street vestry accounts, 1791-1906; Street parish overseers’ accounts, 1850-1857; Street parish poor book, 1813-1831; SUDC committees’ minutes, 1920s; SUDC accounts, 1894-1949; SUDC minutes, 1930-1938 (SUDC)

Street Women’s Benefit Society
Minute books, 1878-1900s; Rules, 1851, 1889 (LHB)

Street Working Men’s Club (Lodge)
Joint Lodge minute book, 1877; Lodge minute book, 1883-1887 (No. One)

Strode Theatre
Minutes, papers on productions and building projects, brochures, press-cuttings, programmes, posters, correspondence, 1963-2013 (STA)

Temperance Societies

Bristol Women’s Temperance Association
Minute books, address books etc, 1878-1949 (ACC2013/A/80)

Friends Total Abstinence Society, Street
Membership cards, 1877 (No. One)

Ladies’ Society for the Suppression of Intemperance, Newcastle
Minutes, 1844-1851 (MIL)

Morning Star Temperance Club, Street
Pledge book, 1860s (ACC2013/A/80)

Rechabite Society (Independent Order of Rechabites)
Medal, John Clough, Sheepfold Tent, for services as honorary secretary, 1840; Minute book, 1842-1847 (No. One)

Street Band of Hope
Minutes and accounts, 1866-1930 (ACC2013/A/80)

Street Teetotal Society
Minutes, accounts, secretary reports, attendance registers, pledge books, 1836-1942 (ACC2013/A/80)

Street Total Abstinence Society
Minute book, 1846-1851 (ACC2013/A/80)

Street United Teetotal Committee
Minute book, 1898-1917 (ACC2013/A/80)

Street and Walton Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templars
Charter, 1873; Minute book, 1873-1992; Papers re Cyrus Clark, 1892-1920; Lodge of Mid Somerset Good Templars, account book, undated (No. One)

Western Temperance League
Papers including correspondence, accounts, posts, booklets, 1930-1979 (WN)
Correspondence and accounts, 1936-1940; mission accounts, 1901-1906, 1929-1932, 1940s (No.One)
Jubilee Conference photograph, 1887 (HSHC)


Board School, Street
Account book, 1881-1898 (LHB)

British School, Street
Minutes, 1854-1854; opening poster, 1854 (CLO)

Long Sutton school, Somerset
Account book, 1932 (No. One)

Somerset School of Cookery and Housewifery, The Grange, Street
Account book, 1898-1908; Papers re school scheme, County Education Committee, 1895 (No. One)

Street Art Night Class Committee
Minutes, 1883-1891 (EDU)

Street Evening School
Log book, 1907-1947 (EDU)

Street Higher Education Committee
Minutes, 1900-1955 (EDU)

Street Local Higher Education Committee
Minutes of Sub-Committee for the Shoe Industry, 1924-1940 (EDU)

Street Technical Institute
Cash book, 1929-1954; registers, 1936-1943; admission register, 1941-1944; minutes of governor meetings, 1955-1963; fee registers for summer school, 1938-1952, punishment book, 1917-1957; log book (handicraft school), 1913-1959 (EDU)

Strode School, Street
Accounts and minute book, Strode School committee, 1913-1919; report, Strode School, 1920; accounts, 1915-1920 and accounts, 1913-1920, Strode School (incl. pupil photographs, 1913, 1916) (LHB) Account book, 1915-1920 (EDU)

Sunday, Friends First Day and Sabbath schools, Street
Minute book, Street Sabbath school, 1859-1864; Sunday school registers, B Adults Class, 1863, and Men’s adults, 1860; class reports, 1864-1865; minutes, Street Friends First Day School held at James Clark’s house, 1864-1867 (LHB)


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