Collection Overviews

The collection overviews provide a useful downloadable summary of each of the Trust’s major object, library and archive collections.

Please explore the pages about the Trust’s Collections for a general overview of the Trust’s holdings before using the collection overviews listed below – these give much more information for those interested in using the collections for detailed research.

Bancroft Family (BAN)

Clothier (CLO)

Education (EDU)

Family (FAM)

Geological Collection (GEO)

Hilda Clark (HC)

Helen Sophia H Clark (HSHC)

John Bright (JB)

John Bright Clark (JBC)

Joyce Green (JG)

Laurence Housman (LH)

Laurence H Barber (LHB)

Latin Verse Machine (LVM)

Margaret Clark Gillett (MCG)

Millfield Bookcase (MFB)

Millfield (MIL)

Number One Office (NoOne)

Pease (PEASE)

Photographs (PHO)

Point of Sale (POS)

Street Urban District Council (SUDC)

Strode Theatre (STA)

Village Album (VA)

Whitenights (WN)

Whitenights Bookcase (WNB)

William Bancroft Clark (BC)

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