The Trust welcomes all members of the public to come and access the diverse range of collections.

Reading Room

Reading roomA professionally managed Reading Room is open during usual office hours at the Grange. Here, Trust staff are available to help you find the material you are looking for, whether it is for academic research or for local history, family history or personal interest.

The wealth of collections can support a range of research across local and family history, the history of Clarks and the shoemaking industry, costume and fashion history and Quakerism in Street. Why not pay us a visit?

Planning your research visit

It is recommended that you contact the Trust in advance of any planned visits so that we can ensure that we hold material of relevance and can make sure that staff are available to help you during your visit. Some collections are stored off-site so may require up to 48 hours’ notice before availability. The Reading Room is open during normal office hours and can comfortably accommodate 4 readers at a time (more at a push!).

On arrival

Please bring some photographic ID and proof of current address with you. You will need to register as a reader on arrival (fill out the Reader Registration Form in advance if you can) and then sign in.

Using the collections

Completion of the Reader Registration Form confirms your awareness of the attached Handling Guidelines for the archive and shoe collections. Please read these carefully before you arrive as observing these helps the Trust to preserve the collections for future generations. Some items in our custody are elderly and fragile and need some care whilst being used. Balancing preservation and access considerations is a major priority for the Trust.

Depending on staff availability and other readers, there may be some limits on the amounts of material which you can access at one time.

After you have registered, Trust staff will be able to advise on the material that you wish to consult. Due to commercial sensitivities and to data protection and copyright legislation, some items are closed to the public. Please speak to one of the Trust staff if you have any queries on this topic.

Reprographics and publication

It may be possible to photocopy or photograph items of interest. A range of charges cover the various options, which are outlined in detail in a leaflet. You will need to check with a member of staff before undertaking any reproductions. The Trust staff will be able to advise on whether it is necessary to complete a form requesting permission to publish, in the case of the use of Trust collections in formal publication.

Enquiry service

If you are not able to visit the Grange reading room in person, an enquiry service is available on a chargeable basis. For further details, see the available leaflet. Please refer any queries to Trust staff who will be able to discuss your proposed research topic.




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