The Alfred Gillett Trust welcomes any enquiries relating to the donation of items to complement its collections. These collections are used by the wider community to tell the story of the Clark family, the history of C & J Clark Ltd, the shoemaking industry and the local history of the area.

What are we looking for?

The Trust seeks to acquire objects and archival material which develop the histories and themes represented by its existing collections, and in accordance with the ethics of the museum and archive sectors.

Please take a look at the Trust’s Collections Development Policy , which expands on priorities for acquisition, before getting in touch with Trust staff to discuss your proposed donation.

How do I make a donation?

If you would like to discuss donating an item to the Trust’s collection, please contact us. Please do not send anything in without confirmation from us, and don’t bring anything to the Grange without an appointment. We cannot accept walk-in donations and do not wish you to have a wasted journey.

Why might we say no to an offer?

All offers to the collection are gratefully received, but not all can be accepted. The Trust has to carefully consider potential acquisitions in terms of how they will add to the existing collections and help us to further our mission of sharing the collections, whilst fulfilling our responsibility to care for every item in our custody. Turning down offered donations is sometimes necessary, usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • The item would be better cared for (either due to curatorial expertise or conservation requirements) in another public collection;
  • The item would be better suited to another public collection’s aims, as specified in their collection development policy, and would be more accessible to the public in that collection;
  • The item duplicates material in the existing collection;
  • The item’s condition or composition poses a threat to existing collections, staff or other collection users e.g. hazardous content, infestation.


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