The Alfred Gillett Trust is a charitable trust with educational objectives and welcomes any enquiries relating to the donation of items to complement its collections. These collections are used by the wider community to tell the story of the Clark family, the history of C & J Clark Ltd, the shoemaking industry and the local history of the area.

What Are We Looking For?

Any items relating to the Trust’s charitable aims are seriously considered. Please take a look at these aims before then getting in touch with Trust staff to discuss your proposed donation.

Further information on donating archive and book materials is available, alongside information on donating objects. These are sample forms for your information only – you will need to get in touch with the Trust to discuss your donation further and to sign the necessary paperwork which the Trust will provide.

The Trust are occasionally willing to discuss material held out of the immediate Street locality or outsized items, dependent on their relevance to the Trust’s collecting policy, currently in development.

How Can You Donate?

It is very strongly advised that you contact the Trust before arriving in Street in person with any items to be handed over, as the Trust cannot always ensure that staff are on site to complete the transaction. The Trust cannot guarantee to accept material left anonymously or without the necessary paperwork completed.

Take a look at the forms we’ll ask you to complete:

Do We Accept Loans or Buy Items?

Whilst the Trust is able to accept items on loan in very exceptional circumstances, items are accepted as direct donations/gifts. The Trust is not typically in a position to purchase items – please contact us if you wish to discuss this option.