NUWSS Rally 1913

On 26th July 1913 the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) gathered at Hyde Park in London for a rally in support of Women’s Suffrage. Some sources suggest that up to 50,000 people, both men and women, attended this peaceful rally.

In her diary of July 9th Helen Clark writes that she and her daughter Esther met the NUWSS pilgrims at North Petherton and travelled with them to Bridgwater where they stayed overnight. The pair accompanied the procession as they travelled to Street the following day; Helen records that they were greeted with “a very fine entry and a large meeting with two platforms”.

Frances Sterling, the tall lady with the cane in the picture above, is recorded as staying with Helen and William Stephens Clark at Millfield when the pilgrims passed through Street. As chief spokesperson for the West of England contingent it is likely that Frances would have been one of the many speakers at the rally when it met in Hyde Park.

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