‘Golden Bough’ Art Installation

This exhibition is an exciting collaboration between local artist Charlotte Humpston and the Alfred Gillett Trust for Somerset Art Weeks 2017.

With references to the artists Christo and Joseph Beuys – this work discusses ideas around survival, protection, connectivity and sustainability. The shoe manufacturer Clarks has had a long history of shoe making and over the years has embraced sustainability in its working environment.

Golden Bough asks questions about how human activity proceeds in a caring and sustainable attitude to our resources, our environment and our compassion towards each other.

Questions arise: What do we want for our future? What is important to us? Do we want to cut ties or make connections?

“With recent events at home and around the world I feel caring and fighting for what is important, is paramount.”


Saturday 23-30 September 2017




The Grange Barn, Farm Road, Street, Somerset

Opposite Clarks Village Food Court, access and parking via Clarks Village Car Park

The Artist: Charlotte Humpston

Charlotte’s Fine Art practice has developed over time. Initially a theatre & film designer then she proceeded to painting when she moved to Somerset in 1993.

In recent years she’s concentrated on making videos, projected onto fabric, and very recently working on large wall hangings and 3D felt sculpture.

She continues to be interested in nature and human responses to local and global issues.

Visit Charlotte’s website to discover more.

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