‘Lasts’ Art Installation

This exhibition is an exciting collaboration between local artists Elena Hutchcroft, Karolina Nieduza and the Alfred Gillett Trust for Somerset Art Weeks 2017.

‘Lasts’ is an art installation in the Barn in response to Street’s rich history of
shoe making, bringing traditional lasts to life in a contemporary installation.


Saturday 23-30 September 2017




The Grange Barn, Farm Road, Street, Somerset

Opposite Clarks Village Food Court, access and parking via Clarks Village Car Park

The Artists

Karolina Nieduza

Originally from Poland and now based in Street, Somerset, Karolina’s artistic practice draws upon her background as an archaeologist and her studies in movement, site specific performance and video art.

She sees art as a medium of understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

Elena Hutchcroft

Bulgarian-born Elena lives in Street, Somerset. She is fascinated with the relationship between light, reflection and shadow, investigating how altered perception changes our perspective.

Intrigued by distorted images and natural science, she draws us into a world of seeing sound and touching space using various mediums.

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