International Picnic – Prize Winners Shopping Trip

At the International Picnic, the Trust held a free raffle into which all visitors were offered the chance to take part in. There were five prizes of £75 to be spent on footwear in Street, with the intention that the Trust would accompany the winners on the shopping trip documenting the shoe buying process and buying duplicates of the winners purchases to inform a future temporary exhibition. The Trust intends to donate the duplicate shoes to a refugee charity following the exhibition.

The winners shopping trip was held on Monday 24th October 2016. All of the winners started the morning at the Grange for refreshments and cakes. The winners were asked to vote for the shop they would like to start their shopping experience in and out of over 20 shops selling footwear in Street, the vote went to Clarks Outlet, where all of the winners spent all of their prize winnings!

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